Quality Photo Scanning at a Reasonable Price.

To keep this simple, we offer 600dpi scanning for $0.30 up to 8.5″ x 14″.


Why do you scan my photos at 600 dots per inch?

600 dots per inch

Phoenix Photo Scan scans your pictures at 600dpi - printers print at 300dpi, scanning at 600dpi allows you to crop and keep the same size or if you want, print at twice the original size.
Some people charge more for this - we don't .

Why Call Us?

You have choices, why call Phoenix Photo Scan?


Phoenix Photo Scan is located in Phoenix. We meet, you get to know us and we handle your photos with care.
Of course you can mail photos to us to scan as well, but customers have liked the option of meeting.

Call us at 602.321.6091 or send an email:

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